Rubber Mats

Carpet Mats

Anti-Slip Backing

All our carpet mats are backed with high quality natural rubber, SBS or sound absorption backing material that have been designed to include anti-slip features to enhance driving safety. We are very proud of our rubber backing which has a unique design that ensures high grip properties and is also registered with the Registrar of Patents in Malaysia.

High Quality Stitching

High quality stitching enhances the durability of our mats and provides a beautiful finish that matches and compliments the car interior.

Durable Heel Pad

A durable heel pad protects the carpet surface from constant abrasion on the driver's side. The shape, design and position of the heel pad can be fabricated according to the car maker's requirements.

Innovative Carpet Design

We work with the OEM's designers to come up with various innovative shapes, designs and colour schemes that are unique to each vehicle to compliment the creative statement of a particular model.

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